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Tiger Moth #1

By Word Of Moth
Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth #1
Moth Dance
Howling Moth
Orchestre Super Moth

Tiger Moth 1984 [click for larger image]
Rogue Records FMSL 2006 1984

Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth

Rogue Records FMSL 2006 1984
Recorded: Chestnut Studio, Churt, Surrey, August
and September 1984, except Speed The Plough,
August 1983.
Produced by: Ian  Anderson and Tiger Moth.
Paul Travis, engineer, also synths, voice loops,
percussion on Rogue Orange
Front Cover and Logo: Rodney Matthews
Photos, type and layout by Ian Anderson
(except photo of Ian by Maggie Holland)

All titles Trad. Arr Tiger Moth members except for Marshall Curwen's Polka by Roger Edwards and Pepper In The Brandy by John Kirkpatrick. A grareful nod to previous sources up the line, who were John K. and Sue Harris (The Electric Kettle) Dave Townsend (The Seven Stars) Vic Gammon/Terry Potter (The Rogue Orange) Mike Hebbert (The Rope Waltz) I Tre Martelli ('Smarlon) Johnny Doherty/The Hollybush Hoboes (The Duchess Dressed In Blue) and Martin Carthy (Morris Oxford) -- the rest by communal osmosis or race memory.
also available on Rogue Records FMSL 2004 -- Home and Deranged by The English Country Blues Band, who were Maggie, Ian, Rod, Chris and John, produced by Jon.

Tiger Moth are:
Rod Stradling: melodeons
Jon Moore: electric guitars
Ian A. Anderson: electric slide,
rhythm and acoustic guitars, marracas
Maggie Holland: bass guitar, banjo
Chris Coe: hammered dulcimer, clogs
John Maxwell: drums

  1984 Rogue Records Ltd.
2 Eastdale, East Street, Farnham,
Surrey GU9 7TB, England

Tiger Moth [click for larger image]

side one.

1. The Digital Watch
2. Larousse
3. The Rogue Orange
4. 'Smarlon
5. Soldier's Joy
6. The Duchess Dressed In Blue

side two.

1. Speed The Plough
2. The Seven Stars
3. The Electric Kettle
4. Marshall Curwen's Polka/
    Pepper In The Brandy
5. Morris Oxford
6. Oats, Beans and Barley/
    The Hulichan
7. The Rope Waltz

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